Client Reviews

Helped me buy and sell Mary French, Pilot Hill CA 

I first met Patti in 2009, and am thankful that I did.  I have since completed 2 extremely complicated transactions with her assistance.  Her professionalism, work ethic, intelligence, intuition and thoughtful guidance has been instrumental in completing both a difficult purchase, and an equally challenging sale.  She represented my best interests at all times, and I’m glad to say she and her family have also become dear friends.

My initial move to El Dorado County was long distance; Patti tirelessly vetted listings on my behalf, and patiently explained why each property would or wouldn’t work for me and my husband, making our trips up to view houses very efficient and productive.

Patti always made herself available to attend court sessions, numerous meetings, inspections, and negotiations with at times, adversarial other parties.    She also took the time and extra effort without hesitation to come to my rescue.  I will never forget that she dropped everything to pick me up at the airport during an emergency, prior to our occupancy.  Then, spent that evening with her husband in the headlights of her car with chainsaw and broom, clearing my driveway of a fallen tree.  When I had a short window of time to vacate my home, she pitched in again. Not your average agent.

Patti always brings a cool head to the table.  She has consistently shown great depth of knowledge in our transactions, and a willingness to dig for more info when needed. 

I am considering moving back to the area after a short hiatus, and will again choose Patti and her intuitive touch to help me accomplish that.

Helped me buy and sell a home Larry and Sarah Beaver Somerset CA 

 Patti is the best of the best!! She found us our home (40 acres + grapes in the El Dorado County foothills) four years ago, and when we were ready to downsize, she sold our home in five days. She is highly skilled with comps and knows her market well. One of her specialties is that she listens to what her clients are looking for and doesn't waste your time on mismatched properties. Her attention to detail takes some of the stress off the property owner resulting in a smoother transaction for all parties. If we could "clone" Patti, we would hire her wherever we happen to be!

Helped me sell a home Bob Downs Cameron Park CA 

Patti Babish was a great pleasure to work with. She was understanding of our needs and sought creative ways to meet them throughout the process. Her recommendations of service people were outstanding and reasonably priced. She went above and beyond our expectations many times. Her advice resulted in a quick sale and a good price, which was just what we were looking for. A family trust was involved, with co-trustees, neither of whom lived near the location of the home being sold. She managed the information flow and securing of signatures with skill and professionalism. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great professional who is a true joy to work with.

Helped me buy a home Lory Hopkins Pilot Hill CA 

Patti goes above and beyond. She pays meticulous attention to detail and makes the whole process as seamless as possible. In addition, she is positive, knowledgeable and capable. I would not hesitate to use her again and am happy to answer questions for anyone that is thinking about using her. You simply can't afford NOT to use her.

Helped me buy a home Joan Patterson El Dorado Hill CA 

Patti was a great realtor to work with - she went out of her way for us. I WOULD RECOMMEND HER To ANYONE That wanted to list or buy a home.

Helped me buy a home Melinda and Don Coats Georgetown CA 

We couldn't have asked for a better person to find our dream home. When we first met Patti, she asked us a lot of questions of what we were looking for. We had a picture in our mind as to what we wanted. This home came on the market and I read the description. I asked Patti if she knew of this home and she said she would go look at it for us, since there were no pictures and we lived in the Bay Area. She sent us pictures from her cell phone and said we needed to see it right away in person. We drove 3 hours to get here that same day and were so glad we did. Patti found our home! We were in constant communication and she always responded quickly. Again, we couldn't have asked for a better person to work with!

Helped me buy a home Brianna O’Neill Placerville CA 

After 10+ offers and 4 years of an on-again/off-again house hunt, I was exhausted. Patti came in and saved the day! Each time we looked at a home Patti was full of information and research on the property. It was clear she had done her homework every time. She came prepared to make sure I was educated and able to make the best offer on any home. Not to mention she was always ready to write an offer. She understood that time was a key component to the current real estate market. Similarly, Patti had outstanding availability. I had the confidence that she would always get back to me, most of the time within minutes! Patti is a people’s person to the core. She listens, is responsive and fights for the best interest of her clients. I want to reiterate, Patti is an outstanding realtor, amazing business woman and a great human being. It was an absolute privilege to have her on my side in the home buying process. I would recommend her without a doubt to anyone in search of a home.

 Helped me buy and sell a home Joe and Kati Marty Auburn CA

Our family was first time home buyers who were not well versed on how to do it. After one false start, and after asking a few questions of other realtors, Patti did something that got our attention and she got back to us. This set the tone for the rest of our relationship with her. There wasn’t a detail or appointment she missed, and if there was an opportunity to help us or go the extra mile, she did it. In the rare case where she didn’t answer the phone, she called back or emailed within minutes. When the situation became a little turbulent (through no fault of her own), she remained accessible and spoke to us as a friend, not as a teacher lecturing the ignorant. There were several instances like that and her calm assurance inspired us with the confidence we needed. She said what she meant, and meant what she said. We would recommend Patti to anyone, period. She not only did the job, she did it with great empathy and interest in our personal lives. She’s the real deal who has earned us as lifetime clients and we will sing her praises to anyone who even hints that they’re looking to buy or sell a home. We would like to add to our review we are now selling our home with Patti to get a bigger home and already she as exceeded our expectations!

Helped me buy a home Bob and Kathy Neuman El Dorado Hills CA 

Excellent agent. Worked with us long distance for over two years (we lived in Rhode Island when we started our house hunt) until we finally found our new house. Never pushy, easy going and adaptable to our schedule. Extremely patient with us as are search stretched out longer and longer (yes you could say we were being picky) until we finally found what we were looking for. Her persistence paid off in the end, as we finally closed on our property two years after our search began. I would not hesitate highly recommending her to anyone in the future. She'll work with you until you get what you want!!!!

Helped me buy a home Scott and Lynne de Bie  Mt Aukum CA

 Patti was instrumental in finding just the right property for my wife and myself. She showed us a variety of properties within our parameters with great patience and spent a great amount of time doing so with enthusiasm. When we finally decided on a property she exhibited great professionalism and made the process both quicker and easier than any prior real estate purchase we have made.

Helped me buy and sell a home Jessica Jardine Placerville CA 

Patti is great at what she does. She is, hands down, the best realtor around!

Patti recently sold our home in Placerville to help us buy a larger home. She did it again!!!

Helped me buy a home Jesse and Sara Gibson Georgetown, CA

We could not have asked for a better experience! We met with Patti the day we first spoke to her and she came prepared with a folder full of options to look over, that same day we also realized that she had just closed a deal for a family member (whom spoke very highly of her). She went above and beyond what we had experienced before, even if she had other clients, we would never have known due to her availability to us. We cannot say enough how thankful we are to have our new home, and thankful that she pushed us that extra few miles out of our comfort zone (literally). She also referred us to an amazing Financial Advisor, who made sure we were fully aware of all of our options. They worked effortlessly together to make sure we were in our new home as soon as possible. Who knew a major investment such as buying a home could be so easy. Patti went above and beyond; answered every call, text, email, and driving everywhere in the county to view properties for us. We feel extremely luck that we were sent her way, and could not have asked for a better experience.

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